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Software concepts

Posts about some of the topics that most interest me

Exploring how to use the Law of Demeter

The Law of Demeter promotes loose coupling in our code, I have always struggled to find its value though but once I did I wanted to share my examples.

Intro to the basics of TDD

Introduction to some of the basic concepts of test driven development

Why you no longer need feature branches

An introduction to feature toggles/flags and the benefits of using them over feature branches

Making it Immutable

What is immutability and how it can help your development

Making your own test doubles and mocks

Exploring the difference between test doubles/mocks and stubs. In particular looking at how we can make them without a framework

Introduction to Layered Architecture

An introduction to the layered architecture approach for organizing software projects

Why would I even use dependency injection?

A short walkthrough of dependency injection and why you should use it